Amazing and Must Own Albums: Portishead- Live At Roseland Ballroom


Live albums are tricky. They can be amazing or wretched. There are quite a few that are absolute gems. Kiss Alive, Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same, Thin Lizzy Live and Dangerous, and The Band The Last Waltz are just a few of them. In 1997 an innovative band took their sound and performance to the Roseland Ballroom in New York and created one of the best live albums ever. The band in question is Portishead, who with only two albums under their belt, delivered a spectacle. Accompanying Portishead that evening was the New York Philharmonic. The mixture of their music and the addiction of the stringed instruments added even more of a psychedelic trip vibe. Certain songs in their catalog really stood out that night such as “All Mine,” “Mysterons,” “Over,” “Glory Box,” and my personal favorite “Roads.”

This album is another one that is a must in any collection. As a side note this album is great for romantic evenings with your loved one!

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