Op Ed #1: Guilty Pleasures or just what you enjoy

When did it become so wrong to enjoy other type of music? In Europe, it is more than ok to listen to the most extreme metal then move on to top 40 type music. In America it is frowned upon however. What happened to the appreciation of a well written song no matter the genre? Does it really matter if there is more of a pop sensibility to it or a commercial aspect? Sure in the elitist circles that is very true, but it really shouldn’t matter. There are bands out there that really do suck and don’t fall into what I’m writing about here. I’m seriously talking about the appreciation for putting forth the effort to craft a song and make it good no matter what genre it’s classified in. We all have these “guilty pleasures” but should we really feel ashamed? NO! of course not. I’m sure that at times many of you look through your collection of music be it records, cd’s, itunes, and think “why do I have this?” or “what was I thinking when I was younger?” There is no reason to be ashamed of your music taste. You like what you like. There are so many people that are so concerned with staying within the confines of their genres that they hold them ever so sacred. And anything that isn’t what they are into is disregarded as total nonsense.

Music is supposed to be freeing and a way to express yourself. There are many different entities that are out there that ruin the purity of music and really make it all about image and what’s “hot.” That is what should be shameful. The Hot Topics of the world. Those types of places make these manufactured pop (wannabe rock bands) sensations bigger than the bands that are talented and have substance.

I for one am not ashamed to enjoy what I like. There are albums out there that in normal circumstances I wouldn’t buy, but if the song comes on I’ll listen to it, or even if I happen to own it I’ll throw it on and simply enjoy.


By: Brian Lacy

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