Band Of The Week: Anakin

There is a resurgence of solid atmospheric rock music. A slew of underrated and unappreciated bands from the 90’s are finally getting their due now. Failure and Hum are 2 that are constantly brought up as influences. It’s not surprising the impact they’ve had after listening to Anakin. Formed in Kansas in 2008, Brad Chancellor and Chris Rosenthal took their love for space rock and shoe gaze and created something with integrity and an artistic sensibility. In 2011 Anakin was approached to record a song for a Hum tribute album.  The duo released their debut album Random Accessed Memories in 2012 as well as the EP Emergency Broadcast System in 2013, both of which were engineered by Eric Graves (guitarist from the band The Esoteric…Side note The Esoteric’s album Subverter is awesome!).  Their new song Control Alt Delete from their upcoming album is chock full of the spacey shoe gaze that they’ve come to make their own. In all the songs Anakin has created the vocals and lyrics are honest and comforting with a layer of sheen to caress the listener. Musically the guitars pack a crunch without sounding too distorted. The rhythm section is tight and pushes the music as it should. The dense keyboards create the spacey and ambient sound without taking away from anything else. Anakin has found a way to pay homage to their influences all the while pairing them into a sonic explosion of melody and heaviness.

By: Brian Lacy

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