There must be something in the water in Los Angeles as of late. An influx of great bands have been coming out and revitalizing the artistic integrity of playing honest music that is self gratifying ,but also has the ability to connect with many others. Enter LIGHTSYSYTEM. Comprised of John Kyle (drums), Danny Byrne (Vocals/Guitar), and Jason Greenly (Bass), they have taken the atmospheric art rock sound to another level. There are pulsating drums, thumping bass and shoe gaze guitars that are reminiscent of Isis and My Bloody Valentine. Vocally and lyrically they almost connect automatically. The whimsical nature of the soundscapes pull you in deeper and deeper. Their album Lost Language which came out in 2013 is quite an epic. Songs such as Plurals, Time and Shape and Mirrors really drive in the notion of being epic. There is something to watch out for here. Lightsystem have what it takes to pull you out of the dark and expand your mind.

By: Brian Lacy

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